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Bible Translation

The concept of “Church-centric Bible Translation” is an important one to understand in 21st century missiology. It refers to the aspect of establishing the Church in sound doctrine that includes equipping the Church to translate and maintain their own translations of the Bible in every language. Early attempts to document this transition of the Church as merely “consumers” of Bible translations to both “producers/consumers” of their own Bible translations described a model that reflected a limited perspective of the process, that of transitions in Bible translation itself through time.

Biblical Content in Every Language

An overview of the "free & open" strategy for providing biblical content in every language.

This presentation provides an overview of the need and strategy for equipping the global Church with the content, training, and tools to maintain translations of biblical content in every language through time.

Copyright & The Kingdom

The Intersection of World Missions and Copyright Law — EMDC, 2013

This presentation was made at EMDC, 2013 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It addresses the issue of copyright law as it affects world missions and the advance of God's Kingdom.

Copyright & The Kingdom

Have you ever considered how significantly the rise of "digital" has changed everything? It is now possible for more people than ever before to create and distribute massive amounts of content, at virtually no cost. This creates a tremendous opportunity for the advance of God's Kingdom all over the world. Content, however, is directly affected by copyright law and copyright is an important matter. It raises some questions, like: How does copyright work? How does copyright affect world missions? What are the implications of restrictions on discipleship resources for the global church?