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Bible Translation Statistics - 2013

A slide in a recent presentation started a conversation about what the actual status of Bible translation is worldwide. The information at contains fairly up-to-date information and lists the following key data points:

Biblical Media, Any Language, No Restrictions, For Free

How you can create Biblical content in multimedia formats in any language, for free.

A presentation made at EMDC 2014, covering the history of copyright, the context of the world today, the need for Biblical content, and an introduction to unfoldingWord Open Bible Stories.


Want to Help Build the Open Bible Stories Translation App?

This mobile (and eventually web) app is intended to facilitate the translation and media production of Open Bible Stories ( in any language. It is an open-source project online here: Know how to code for Android? Join us!

How It All Works

We get this question a lot: "How does Distant Shores relate to Open Bible Stories, Door43, unfoldingWord, and The Christian Commons?"

The answer goes something like this (see the diagram):

A Technology R&D Need: Offline, Asynchronous Translation

The worldwide rise of digital technology, particularly in the form of mobile devices, provides what may be the greatest opportunity in all of history for the advance of God's Kingdom among all people groups. Digital technology makes it possible to create, translate, and distribute content efficiently and at low cost. It is also possible to work together efficiently toward common goals as distributed teams in many different parts of the world simultaneously. 

We Need Your Help!

Distant Shores Media is expanding and we are looking for help. We recently updated the Serve with Distant Shores Media page on our website, where you can find the list of positions we are specifically looking to fill. These include roles in areas like Marketing, Donor Development, Program Development, and Human Resources.

Hacking with the Global Church

The Door43 project is going strong! Every day, translators from around the world are translating projects like Open Bible Stories into languages like Farsi (Iran), Ayta Abellen (The Philippines), Haka Chin (Burma), and many others.

Beware of So-Called "Open" Licenses That Are Not

The “free & open” movement is on fire! Projects like Wikipedia, Open Street Map, and Android (built on Linux) are evidence that open collaboration by anyone, anywhere, can create great content and powerful tools.

A Mobile, Learning, Global Church (Guest Post on MAFLT)

MAF Learning Technologies ( develops technology to provide isolated Christian leaders with discipleship resources. We love what they are doing and welcomed the opportunity to address the intersection between "mobile" and "theological education" in a world missions context. Check out the guest post on their blog: A Mobile, Learning, Global Church.

We Need Another Model for World Missions

This infographic (click for larger size) illustrates how long it takes in the "all rights reserved" world missions model for discipleship resources to be translated into every language of the world. The statistics are taken from Chapter 10 of The Christian Commons.