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Our History

The ministry had its beginnings in 1997 with a request to travel to Eastern Europe and help a Christian radio station in need. By 2003 the work had become so expansive and involved so many countries that Distant Shores Media was founded to further those efforts.  The ministry focused on providing training, consultation and support services for Christian radio stations in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Staff and volunteers with experience in operations, RF transmitters and programming worked on-site with staff from radio stations in numerous countries to help them improve and expand their radio ministry.
In 2010, the ministry began efforts to create and distribute open licensed content for the global church. We created of the Open Bible Stories project and Distant Shores began to speak into the “All Rights Reserved” challenge of biblical study tools that were needed by believers in minority languages.
In addition to providing consulting services to Christian radio station around the world, we also provide insight on copyright matters to organizations and authors committed to reaching their people groups with unrestricted discipleship tools and Bible translations. We help them create Bible studies and other new content that can be shared openly and translated by others within the global church without the licensing restrictions.